Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hereunder we will explain the Privacy Policy in effect in the website (hereinafter: the “Website”) and we will review, Among other things, the way the Website uses information submitted by users through the Website, or which it gathers while the Website is being used. Your use of the Website, including the services and content included therein, constitutes consent to this Privacy Policy (hereinafter: the “Privacy Policy”) and other terms and conditions included in the Website, including the Terms of Use and other provisions which may appear while the Website is being used (hereinafter, jointly or separately: the “Binding Documents”). This Privacy Policy refers to both men and women.
This Website is designed for use by people above the age of 18. If you are younger we ask you to refrain from using the Website.

Disclosure of information in the Website

Use of some of the Website services may require registration and/or provision of information (e.g., customer service, digital commerce, contact-us etc.). When registering, you will be asked to disclose identifying particulars such as your user name, email address, etc. Without disclosing the information requested regarding those services, you may experience problems and even not be able to use the Website services which require consent and/or providing information.
You must disclose only information that is correct, accurate and complete, and you hereby confirm the correctness of the information you have provided. The Website may keep the information you submit. Incorrect information or failure to provide all of the information required is liable to prevent you from making use of the Website services where registration is required, to impair the quality of the service you receive, and to impair our ability to contact you. If your personal information has changed, please update it online in the appropriate place in the Website. Additionally, we ask you to refrain from providing us the personal information of a third party and instead to refer such third parties to provide the information themselves, under the terms of this Privacy Policy.
You are not obligated to disclose any information by law, and you do so at your choice and consent. In case you do not wish to provide any information, you are kindly requested not to use the Website.

Submittal of contents for posting

We may provide you with the option of posting various contents in the Website such as comments, pictures, movie clips, ideas, suggestions and public remarks. In submitting contents for posting, you warrant and acknowledge that you have all the intellectual rights of the content, that you are permitted to publish the contents, and that you are not damaging the privacy of any other person or legal entity.
In submitting contents for posting in or through the Website, whether or not such contents are posted, you grant Website, and any and all other persons, permission to make use of the contents. In this context you agree and approve that the We may post such contents in the Website and in additional media, including on related publications, or use the information to render the service provided by the Website more efficient and to handle complaints, as we deems appropriate. You further agree that we may publish or make use of your name and any and all personal details contained in the information you submitted (such as place of origin) in its publications.
In addition you must ensure that the any content posted by you is legal. Among others and as an example only, the following contents may not be displayed on the Site:
• Any content that violates or infringes on the proprietary rights of others, including copying and/or distributing photos for which you have no license to use or upload to the Site.
• Any content that creates a risk to the safety, security or health of an individual;
• Any content that personally identifies other individuals, without receiving consent to publish their identity; or any content that concerns and identifies minors, their personal details or their address and methods of communication (provided that such information is provided or its publishing was approved by the lawfully competent entity to upload such content;
• Any illegal content, including content that constitutes defamation or infringes on the privacy of an individual or their good name, including of the deceased who is the subject of the Site;
• Any content that portrays minors sexually;
• Any content of a pornographic nature or blatant sexual nature, or harassing, offensive, hostile, threatening, rude content or content that is hurtful to public emotions;
• Any content that encourages, or may encourage, racism or wrongful discrimination based on race, ethnicity, skin color, religious community, nationality, religion, gender, occupation, sexual tendency, disease, physical or mental disability, faith, political point of view or social-economic status;
• Any content that encourages committing a criminal felony or which may form a basis for a lawsuit or civil liability;
• Any information to which access is blocked by a password, etc., and is not permitted freely to all internet Users;
• Any content that is prohibited by law, including according to court gag orders, or according to these Terms of Use;
• Any content that falsely expresses or implies that such content is sponsored or promoted by the Company or has malice or fraud in any other respect.
We have no obligation to examine, change or monitor the contents you uplode to the Site. However, we may (but is not obligated to) examine the contents you uplode to the Site prior to and/or thereafter its publication therein, refuse to present such content, change or immediately delete at all times any content of the Site that You transferred to us insofar as You violated these terms or took an action or inaction that damages or might damage the Services, Users, the project or any on its behalf, or for any other reason at our’s full and sole discretion. The provisions of this section are in addition to our rights under any law and do not obligate us to monitor the contents of the Site.
Insofar as You believe that the contents of the Site are hurtful, misleading, inaccurate, illegal or does not comply with the provisions of such terms, please act according to the instructions that appear under the title “Notice and Removal Protocol” hereinbelow.
You are solely responsible to back up, at Your expense, any contents you uploaded to the Site. We will not bear any liability for damages that may be caused to You or third parties as a result of such loss of content.

Notice and Removal Protocol

• Insofar as contents and/or creations that You own are presented on the Site, which You believe infringe on Your intellectual property rights, including Your copyrights and/or infringe on Your privacy and/or are hurtful and/or unsuitable and/or constitute defamation and/or contain pornography, You are welcome to contact us with a request to have them removed (at the following email address:[email protected], with an accurate reference to the infringing contents, specification of Your arguments and a reference to such infringement, including contact details, including email, name and identifying details. Insofar as the content is deemed infringing, it will be removed as soon as possible and a notice will be sent to You via email. As mentioned above, as we are not obligate to monitor the contents uploaded to the Site by the Users, we are unable to know that infringing contents are published in them if You do not contact us. We will not be responsible to such infringing contents as aforesaid in this section.

• Without derogating from any other provision contained herein, we at our sole discretion, whether or not we have received a request, may remove, delete or change any content or information uploaded to the site, without having to explain our decision. In addition, we may, at our sole dissection, terminate, users and account holders who, to our sole discretion, infringe third parties’ rights.

Information gathered during use of the Website

While you are using the Website, Website may gather information on your surfing habits, including contents you have created or uploaded to the Website, information or advertisements you have read, the pages you viewed, the location of your computer and details of the IP address through which you accessed the Website, etc.
Website may further gather, and to avail itself of third-party services to gather analyze and/or combine from different sources information which is typically anonymous, statistical or aggregate including information relating to your personal details, and your activity in the Website, consumption and web-surfing habits, demographic information, etc.

Use of the information

The information that you submitted upon enrolment to the Website and/or any other information gathered in the Website as specified above and below, will be stored in the Website’s related client registered database (number ______ in the Israeli database registry). The use of the Website and/or your consent to the collection and processing of the information under this Privacy Policy, constitutes your agreement to the storage and management of the information in the Website’s related database. The information in the database will be used for the purpose of establishment of the database and in accordance with this Data Privacy Policy or according to the law, and, in addition, for the following purposes:
• To enable you to use the services in the Website including digital self-services such as online donation service etc.;
• To identify you in recurring uses of Website services which require registration and in order to eliminate the need to enter your details upon any new use;
• To improve and enrich the services and content included in the Website, including the creation of new services and content adapted to users’ requirements and expectations and including the revision or cancelation of existing services and content;
• To enable you and other users to personalize the services in the Website to your references, and, for that goal, to profile clients and to monitor the actions of users in the Website;
• To contact you;
• To personalize adds to your interests;
• To ensure the regular operation and development of the Website;
• To deliver direct messaging notification and/or advertisement, via fax, automated dialing system, email, SMS, and any other manner. Such direct messaging may be sent to you if you explicitly consented to it when registering to the Website or at any other time. You may revoke your consent at any time and cease from receipt of direct messaging. It is hereby clarified that your agreement to this Privacy Policy constitutes consent for the purpose of the Data Privacy Law, 1981, and any other applicable law;
• To conduct survey and questionnaires;
• For the purpose of analyzing, monitoring and delivering of statistical data to third parties. Such data will not identify you personally;
• For any other purpose detailed in this Privacy Policy or in the Website terms of use.

Disclosure of information to third parties

We will not transfer your personal details and the information collected on your activity in the Website to third parties, other than in the following cases:
• To the extent that this is required for the purpose of regular supply of the Website services, Website management and control, fulfilling your requests, providing users support, etc., Website may allow access to your personal information to its agents, contractors, business partners, or other service providers as needed. Website will limit the information provided to service providers to that which is reasonably necessary for them to perform their functions and requires them to agree to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and to comply with applicable privacy legislation including an adequate level of protection of your personal information. Such third parties may use your personal information only to provide services to you or to the Website and will not be given permission to use such information for other purposes. Such third parties may include, among outers, IT suppliers (e.g., cloud-based services suppliers, technical support suppliers).
• Should you violate the terms and conditions of the Binding Documents or part thereof, or should you perform, through the Website or in connection therewith, actions considered by us to be contrary to law or an attempt to perform such actions.
• Should we receive a judicial order instructing it to disclose your particulars or the information about you to a third party.
• Should a certified authority require this, after we have investigated and found that such requirement is reasonable and justified. In any event, we will disclose only the minimum information required.
• In any dispute, argument, claim, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and us.
• In any case where we will be in the opinion that disclosure of the information is necessary to prevent serious injury to your person or property, or to the person or property of a third party.
• Website is entitled to disclose and share anonymous, aggregate and statistical information with other companies or organizations related to Website and with suppliers, business partners and any and all third parties at its sole discretion, but it shall not knowingly or intentionally reveal your identity to such third parties without your consent.
• Should the Website be organized under another framework, and should it’s operators alter its legal structure or merge with another entity, or merge the activity of the Website with the activity of a third party – we shall be entitled to transfer a copy of the information stored about you in Website’s database to the new corporation, provided, however, that such corporation shall undertake the provisions of this Privacy Policy towards you.
The above data transfer may include transfer to or access from a country outside your country of residence subject to an agreement applying the requirements of the applicable data privacy laws.
Except for such places where notice to the contrary is given, the contents you submit to be posted in the Website shall be exposed to all users of the Website. Kindly act wisely and with caution when disclosing personal information (such as your address or telephone number), as well as with respect to the comments and inquiries you receive following your use of the Website or after making any personal information public. Remember: you must apply at least the same caution when disclosing contents and as regards inquiries you receive, as you do when making contact other than over the Internet.

Cookies and other Tracking Technologies

Use of Cookies may be made in the Website for its regular and proper operation, in order to render it unnecessary for you to enter your user name and password every time you access the Website, and also to collect statistical data on the use of the Website, to verify information, to adapt the Website to your personal preferences and for information security purposes. In addition, cookies may be delivered to you and used to provide a more targeted advertising experience both on and off of the Website.
Cookies are text files that your browser creates when it receives an order from the Website’s computers. Some cookies expire when you close your browser, and others are saved on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies can contain diverse information such as the pages you have visited, the time you spent in the Website, from where you reached the Website, information you would like to see when entering the Website, and more.
If you do not want to accept Cookies you can prevent this by changing your browser definitions. To do this, please consult your browser’s Help file. However, remember that blocking Cookies may prevent you from using part of the Website’s services and features, or those in other websites.
Additionally, you can delete the Cookies stored in your computer at any time. We recommend doing so only if you are absolutely sure that you do not want the Website to be customized to suit your preferences, and if you want the Website not to identify you on repeat visits to the Website.

Google Analytics

The Website may use a tool called “Google Analytics”, which is a tool that monitors activities in the Website on an anonymous basis only, for the purpose of Website services improvement. Google Analytics collects information such as how often users visit or use a Website, what pages they visit when they do so, and what other websites they visited prior to coming to the Website. we do not use the information collected through the use of the Tool in a manner allowing it to identify Website users. The Website uses Google Analytics according to Google Analytics Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy.

Information security

Website is protected by a information security systems and procedures. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized penetration of Website’s computer systems, they are not one hundred percent secure. Consequently, we do not warrant that the Website services will be absolutely immune to unauthorized access to the information stored in its systems.

Rights to access, alter or delete information

According to the Israeli Data Privacy law, 1981, you are entitled to review your personal information stored in the Website’s database. In Addition, if you found such information to be mistaken, incomplete, unclear or outdated, you may address us with a request to have the information altered or deleted. Should we have cause to deny your request, we shall notify you, and you may appeal such decision, in accordance with the manner set in the data privacy regulations.
Additionally, if the information stored in the Website database is used for the purpose of personal communication with you, based on your belonging to a certain group in the population which was determined by one or more characteristics of persons whose names are included in the database (direct marketing messaging), you are entitled, under the Data Privacy law, 1981, to require, in writing, that your information will be removed from the database. Please note that deletion of the information may prevent you from continuing sing the Services in the Website. Information that is required for Website for the purpose of conducting its business – including statistical, anonymous or aggregative information, used for the purpose of static analysis and record of other commercial activities you performed in the Website – will continue to be stored by the Website lawfully, but will no longer be used to address you.
Requests under this section are to be addressed to the email address listed in the Contact us section below.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

we may, from time to time, modify the provisions of its Privacy Policy (latest update is as set at the top of this document). We recommend that you revisit the Privacy Policy from time to time. We will inform the Website users regarding any material change in the provisions of this Privacy Policy at the Website homepage. Material changes will come into effect 14 days after such notice. Any other change, are effective immediately, and the continuous use of the Website following the changes in terms, constitutes your consent to the new terms f the Privacy Policy. In the event that the Privacy Policy is altered to address legal requirements, the alteration may enter into force immediately, or as required by law, and without prior notice. If you do not agree with the new terms, kindly refrain from further use of the Website.

Contact us

we make sure to comply with the provisions of the law and respects the right of the users of the Website and of others to privacy, to their good name, or any and all other rights. If you have been negatively affected by the Website and/or in regard to any other matter, please contact us through the following channels, and we will make every effort to respond as soon as possible:
Email: [email protected]

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