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cabinet département d'architecture du troisième temple

Team of architects for the construction of the 3rd Temple

Our team of architects is responsible for the preparation of plans for the Third Temple.

They honor the prophecy of Ezekiel, based on the comments of Rashi, along with those of the Vilna Gaon, Malbim and Ramchal. Each of whom clarified and made accessible Verses 40-47 of the Book of Ezekiel.

These programs take into account the latest techniques, especially in terms of environmental protection and the latest standards
These plans will be deposited by the Jerusalem Municipality, once the Temple Mount is released from the buildings that currently exist on it.
Afterwards, the Ministry of the Interior Committee will approve the Municipality plans and approve construction (District Committee). Our lawyers defend the project before the Municipality, the Ministry of the Interior and the Supreme Court.

The exact model of the Third Temple is already prepared and was created on a scale of 1/50. It can be viewed at the Visitors Center that will open its doors in Jerusalem in 2025.

The square building, which is 150 meters long and 150 meters wide, and of varying heights, can be seen throughout Jerusalem.
Construction will begin once these plans receive approval from the Jerusalem Municipality (Building Permit).

The future development plans of the Jerusalem municipality to receive visitors from around the world are already prepared. Additionally, preparation of road maps, electrification, trams and all roads are currently ongoing.

Model of the 3rd Temple

3d view & models of the 3rd Temple

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If we want, we can build the 3rd Temple today.

If we want, we can build the 3rd Temple today.

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