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The Department goal is to teach the stages of redemption, the justification for construction of the Third Temple today, the law of the red heifer, the azure thread( tekhelet ), the Sanhedrin and all texts pertaining to the Third Temple.

By way of lectures, clips to be produced in several languages, Q&A, films and all forms of media, this education is aimed at everyone, and particularly targets:

  • Junior and senior high school principals
  • University professors
  • Journalists
  • Yeshiva directors
  • Students
  • Instructors….

To broaden the learning, 32 training units are proposed:

  1. Why build a temple to G-d?
  2. The azure thread (tekhelet)
  3. The red heifer
  4. Composition of Sanhedrin members Authority
  5. Participation of every one for the Third Temple
  6. Temple Mount over time
  7. Gog and Magog War
  8. The Temple throughout generations: from a portable house of worship in the desert (Tabernacle) to the Third Temple
  9. The Tabernacle at Shiloh
  10. The First Temple and the Second Temple: Structure and Architecture
  11. The mitzvah to build the Third Temple
  12. The Third Temple: the Prophecy of Ezekiel
  13. The Torah Ark – Uniqueness
  14. The Altar
  15. The Menorah
  16. The Table of Showbread
  17. The Altar of Incense (ketoret)
  18. The role of the Kohens and Levites
  19. The reason behind making sacrifices
  20. The Daily Sacrifice
  21. The role of the High Priest of Israel on Yom Kippur
  22. Holiday sacrifices
  23. The metaphysical and spiritual world of the Third Temple
  24. Grain sacrifices
  25. The first fruits of the 7 species of Israel (tithes)
  26. When and how to rehabilitate the Sanhedrin?
  27. Can one ascend the Temple Mount today?
  28. The exact location of the Third Temple
  29. The roles of the synagogues after the Third Temple
  30. Daily life of the Temple
  31. The anticipated impact of the Third Temple on humanity
  32. What are the various stages of construction of the Temple?

The lessons will be filmed and can be viewed by video on the website, with subtitles in 3 different languages (French, English, Hebrew). Other languages will soon be available (Russian, Spanish, Arabic…).
These courses will be provided free of charge, so that we train the maximum number of people who will be responsible for the concrete implementation of the project. The lessons will be taught at the Center: “Bridge to the Third Temple” in Jerusalem in 2025. In the meantime, they are taught at various sites in Israel and around the world.
The training units will also be available on the website.
The training center will also maintain ties with the Jewish religious authorities (yeshivot, rabbinate), decision-makers in the legal arena (Halachic arbitrators) but also with other religions (Christianity, Evangelism, Protestants, Islam…). We will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions that will be published in the FAQ area of the website (FAQ).
In order to circulate the information and content as much as possible, we are interviewing experts in specific fields.

Below are the questions currently being reviewed:

  1. If a red heifer is found today, can we burn it under the Biblical laws? Why?
  2. Should we wait to build the Temple before we burn the red heifer? Who can verify that the red heifer satisfies the one hundred criteria set forth in the Halacha?
  3. Was the Temple Mount free and if a political decision is made, can we build the Third Temple today? Why?
  4. Do we know the exact location of the future Holy of Holies?
  5. Does the azure thread ( Tkhelet) that is increasingly found in Israel satisfy the Torah’s expectations?
  6. The Sanhedrin will be active in the Third Temple. Who will head it?
  7. Can the Knesset and the Sanhedrin co-exist?
  8. How will the dwelling of the Divine Presence (Shekhinah) be manifested after the Third Temple is built?
  9. When can we say that the Nation of Israel is united and ready for the Third Temple?
  10. How should one feel about the absence of a Temple?

The answers to these questions and to future questions will be published for all interested parties. We seek excellence in studying and expertise on the subject and will not leave any question unanswered.

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If we want, we can build the 3rd Temple today.

If we want, we can build the 3rd Temple today.

Why join the construction of the 3rd Temple?
I want to build the Temple

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10 Good Reasons for Registering to Support the Third Temple Project


  1. To restore the oneness of G-d, the one G-d for all humanity at the site where His home is to be built.
  2. To work for peace among all nations, the result of the Divine presence that will be reflected in the Third Temple.
  3. To regularly receive information on developments in this area.
  4. It’s free and will remain free. Our information will remain confidential.
  5. To participate in the largest joint project for all of humanity.
  6. To be part of the first group of people that is marching towards a better world while spearheading universal fraternity. Nothing is done without hope.
  7. To fulfill the commandment of participating in the construction of the Third Temple.
  8. To influence Israeli and international political authorities (UN, UNESCO…) so that the project will be at the top of the agenda.
  9. To transition from hatred to love in order to build a better world.
  10. To train the people of Israel to illuminate the nations in the right direction.
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